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NWP's Why I Write and National Day on Writing

Written by The Current
October 19, 2011

Why do you write? Digital Is folks spend a lot of time thinking about what writing can look like in the digital world, but does the digital world change the why of writing?

Writers of all kinds are contributing to the #WhyIWrite thread. Celebrate writing with us and post this week in honor of the National Day on Writing, October 20th. This could be a great opportunity to try out the new blog feature here on Digital Is. Tag your writing, wherever you post it, with #WhyIWrite and share it!

Need inspiration? Follow the thread on Twitter.

Or watch this – just one of many videos collected in the Why I Write playlist on YouTube.

Learn more about NWP’s partnership with Figment, Edutopia, and the New York Times Learning Network and read posts from teachers and authors about why they write on NWP’s website .