NWP Annual Meeting 2014: Inspirational!

I was blown away by the annual meeting this year. The celebration of 40 years of the National Writing Project drew me in and reconnected me to the spirit of the organization and reminded me what we do for teachers, students, education and beyond.

The sessions on Wednesday were also stellar. I felt surrounded by like-minded educators who believe in authentic teaching and writing who will advocate for their profession in the face of adversity!

I am invigorated and energized. I don’t know about the rest of you, but… Wow!

I had the chance to see WriteLab and the creators explaining how this is a piece of writing software designed by NWP-minded people with the student writer in mind. It was great to hear about this non-released beta and to see the minds of the people behind the magic of the algorithms. I was lucky enough to chat with Don McQuade after the session, and I am further convinced they are headed in the right (write) direction.

Thanks NWP for all you do!