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Notes from a Tired Teacher, Digital Learning Day Countdown

Written by Writing for Change
February 02, 2013

“You don’t have to be the star, you can be the light shining on them.”
— Rawanda Ibrahem Writing for Change student, Cajon Valley Middle School Grade 6

So the conversation goes like this, “Mrs. Ilko, I wrote a quote for you. I didn’t share it before because I was too shy.” I read it and tears well up and I know this has to be the first slide in our presentation that I have been struggling to pull together. I love my writers, they surprise me with their words so often.

It has been a crazy week getting ready to share our work. When you have to take the time to document and reflect, it really does impact your classroom instruction. I am walking around the room watching our students write. There are simple posts, and complex questions. There are struggling writers, and those who have found their passion and the words come easily. Most however are somewhere in the middle.  We write, we struggle, we write some more.

Setting up the Edmodo account was a snap, but getting the students to select a blog to post has been a challenge.  This weekend will be extremely busy, writing my sub plans, reviewing student work, and oh yeah, finalizing my own presentation! I can’t believe I am days away from getting on the plane.

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