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My PLN is the Terminator

My PLN is the Terminator

Written by Deanna Mascle
September 12, 2014

Last night I made my professional writing students think about professional learning networks and begin the process of building their own. Even though it was a night class and I was exhausted, my head was so full of ideas I just had to come home and write about it – because writing and thinking are connected.

I was inspired even before class because I based my PLN assignment on Howard Rheingold’s eight steps for cultivating a personal learning network (relying heavily on the presentations of this process by Chuck Frey and Alex Howard), but I was also excited because I just love my PLN so much and I believe strongly that my PLN helps me to do more and be more. Simply talking with my students about all the awesome ways that my PLN has improved my life made me want to cry, but it also reminded me (again) how lucky we are to be connected educators today.

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