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My COVID Time Capsule (NWP) Event

My COVID Time Capsule (NWP) Event

Written by Eileen Valverde
March 19, 2021

I just logged off from the Google Meet where I was hosting my NWP COVID Time Capsule Event. I opened my event up to my fourth grade class. When registration went slower than I had hoped, I took a leap and posted information about the event for the whole school to see on the school’s Class DOJO page. The spots were filled in no time.

The weeks went by and I got both excited and anxious at the thought of hosting an event with both students AND parents. As a third-year fourth-grade teacher, most of my student’s parents are older than me and I feel anxious giving them direction. My nerves were settled the moment we got on the call.

We opened up the event with introductions. We shared our name and a rose and thorn in regards to our quarantine experience so far. It was beautiful to hear almost everyone mention family as a rose.

This year threw us the biggest curveball no one could imagine, but it’s brought families together. Through heartache, pain, loneliness, confusion, joy, and perseverance.

After, I read aloud the book The Time We Did Nothing by Hannah Elizabeth and Lauren Widener. We all agreed that in doing nothing, we did everything. The book beautifully illustrates how while we did nothing, courageous nurses, daring doctors, tireless teachers, careful cashiers, and so many others diligently worked to ensure life went on (safely and responsibly).

The phrase – while we did nothing – repeated, along with the illustrations, conveys a beautiful message. It reminds us how much we did with those around us (starting a garden, reading, watching movies, coloring…) and FOR those around us by doing nothing (staying home). We saved the lives of those we may have encountered.

We discussed the book and took some independent work time to complete our time capsule packets.

At the second session, each participant read aloud their time capsule writing pieces. This included interviews conducted, self-reflections, lists of things we’re awaiting, and a letter to your future self. Time after time I heard participants say they wanted to make sure they never took anything for granted again. I connected with this. I was shook to my core, as a teacher, one year ago, to learn that our schools would be closing. This seemed unfathomable.

No matter, COVID didn’t steal our spark. We’re still excited. We’re still dreaming. We’re still setting goals and thinking up where to travel as soon as it’s safe to. We’re still longing to see friends and family.  We’re still strong.

Their reflections showed me that. I am thankful they trusted me with their thoughts.