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More Conversations: Of Constellations and Communities

More Conversations: Of Constellations and Communities

Written by Kevin Hodgson
February 13, 2013

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This is part of a larger conversation I have been having with Anna Smith about digital writing and literacies (and which we are archiving at Jog the Web and the National Writing Project Digital Is site.) Here, I ponder how we “find” communities and networks of other folks who are exploring, writing and teaching the things that we believe in, too. One one hand, accessing the digital world opens up doors. On the other, it has a tendency to create insular communities, too.

While Anna and I are having our conversation, we always and encouragingly invite the world in, too. So, feel free to add your thoughts to our voicethread. The second slide is where my main sharing is, just so you know.

And, as usual, I reflected a bit on what I was after and how I tried to achieve it, in comic form.

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