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Mentorship and 20 Time

Mentorship and 20 Time

Written by Carrie Honaker
July 21, 2015

As I continued with my 20 Time journey last Fall, I realized how important it is for students to see somebody who has walked the walk with following their passion. We watched lots of TED Talks and discussed how to find and follow a dream, but there is no substitute for live mentorship. This post come from October 2014:

My students are clicking right along with their 20 Time projects and we got some big news this week. About a month ago, I was searching for a new breakfast granola and picked up a package of Woats. They looked interesting; the package had a great design; I was intrigued…and then I read the story. Woats were created by a young entrepreneur named Justin Anderson. He started his epicurean adventure with a tasty granola mix and $500 of seed money from his grandmother. I was inspired.

Read the full blog post “WOATS is coming!!!” at Strawbabies and Chocolate Beer

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