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Meme All The Things

Meme All The Things

Written by Deanna Mascle
July 18, 2014

June is all about the Morehead Writing Project for me (summer institutes, camps, budgets, oh my) and so I got a bit behind with my Making Learning Connected make cycles, but I could not let the Meme make cycle (#2) pass me by. I love memes and play with them all the time. I often try to resist making a meme for a blog post or lesson because I know that meme making is a black hole that can swallow hours if not a whole day. Much like potato chips, I cannot stop with just one meme. However, I think that is part of the process, or certainly my process. I start with a vague idea or concept and begin poking around and experimenting and before I know it I have a number of memes and then I must choose the one or two that work for my purpose. Meme making is much like writing in that way. We must be ruthless with our pruning.

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