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Making Learning Connected (#clmooc) starts in 1 week!

Making Learning Connected (#clmooc) starts in 1 week!

Written by Karen Fasimpaur
June 08, 2013

I am very excited about the new “Making Learning Connected” MOOC (#clmooc) that starts next week on June 15.

There is a fabulous team of folks facilitating this MOOC (and also me), and I think we are all guaranteed to learn a lot.

If you haven’t participated in a MOOC before or want to learn more about making things or connected learning, this is a great opportunity. Everyone is warmly welcomed.

One of my favorite things about this MOOC is that participants will be able to participate in any way that works for them. If you want to lurk, that’s great. If you want to be a part of a small group, that’s great. Or you can take part as an individual. There will be opportunities to make things, webinars, hangouts, twitter chats, blogs, G+ communities, and more — you can participate in all or none of these, whatever best suits you.

And we hope you’ll pursue “makes” or projects that are geared to your own personal interests. That’s a big part of connected learning.

As a part of the work I do with the P2PU School of Ed, we are also looking for a few groups around the country who might want to put together face-to-face cohorts to meet weekly while the MOOC is going on. We hope to learn something about how this affects participation in online spaces. If you are interested in this, drop me an email at karen at k12opened dot com.

I hope to see you in #clmooc! It’s going to be great summer fun.

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