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Literary Fanzine Part 5

Literary Fanzine Part 5

Written by Jana Hege
May 27, 2020

The final novel we read this year was Animal Farm by George Orwell. We had several long discussions about the Russian revolution, and the use of propaganda both in real life and in the novel. The assignment was:

  1. A propaganda poster promoting a political candidate or idea
  2. OR A satirical article about a current political situation
  3. OR a fable about a current event using animals

You can see that I got quite a variety of responses! This was cited by some of the students as their favorite unit this year.

At the end of the semester, I published all of the pages to an online location. The students are able to download them and print them to create a book, or simply save them on their own computers. My original plan had been to print one for each students, but when we had to end the semester early and continue class via Zoom, the cost of getting books to everyone became unrealistic.

This year-long project was a great success and helped all of the students in the class to engage with the texts in a creative and memorable way. I will definitely be doing this again next year!