Literacy Narrative Stop Motion Book Map

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Inspired by the student-created stop-motion video response below, Penn GSE doctoral student (and my wife) Bethany Silva crafted this stop-motion book map to explain her history as a reader.

Admittedly, I had ulterior motives in acting as cameraman on a Friday evening as she stacked books in our living room. First, I wanted to learn how to manipulate the app Stop Motion Studio on my iPad. Second, I wanted to gauge the time necessary in creating the finished product; Bethany believes she spent four hours from start to finish. Finally, I wanted to make a “draft” assignment before adapting and co-opting this maker project for my students.

For the past several years, my students’ first writing assignment has been a Literacy Narrativethat explores their experiences as readers and/or writers. Originally based upon an assignment from graduate school at the University of Vermont’s Middle Level program, the assignment has grown and changed over the years. It is my plan to add this digital component when I roll out the unit to students next week. I am excited to see how students react and make this their own!

Thanks to Bethany Silva for sharing her creative process and finished work with me. Her blogWoods in Latin can be found at Additionally, follow her on twitter at @betny802.