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Listen to Mozilla's Virtual Fireside Chat with Cathy Davidson on how we can teach the web

Written by The Current
February 15, 2012

You’ve heard of “the three ‘R’s:” reading, writing and ‘rithmetic. But author and noted academic **Cathy Davidson** says the 21st Century demands a fourth: **algoRithms** as in the underlying threads and logic that shape our digital lives. More than just “teaching people how to code,” Cathy sees “algorithmic thinking” and webmaking as a vital antidote to the passive, assembly line model that still dominates most traditional education.

Cathy recently discussed these ideas with participants and Mozilla’s Mark Surman and Michelle Levesque in a virtual fireside chat. You can read about, listen to, and dip into that chat through a blog post by Mozilla’s Michelle Thorne.

It’s good stuff!