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Library of Games

Written by Christina Cantrill
October 05, 2011

Hello all.

Since there has been so much discussion and resource creation
recently on the theme of games and learning, I thought I would just
share this resource that came to my attention when I was visiting the You Media in Chicago:

Library of Games

This library is a blog created by youth at You Media along with their
mentor Taylor Bayless. It is one example of several youth created
content that is supported in its creation and then public dissemination
by mentors at the You Media center. in Chicago Other examples include:

You Media organizes its work with youth around some key themes and
research. You can learn more here about the essential elements of their
work and the Hanging Out, Messing Around, and Geeking Out (HOMAGO) philosophy. The work at You Media Chicago has been led by the Digital Youth Network, including by practitioners like Tracy Lee who have also published here in Digital Is too.