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Digital is how we write, share, collaborate, publish, and participate today and into the future. What does that mean for the teaching of writing? The NWP Digital Is website is a forum for exploring that question.

The NWP Digital Is website is a collection of resources, reflections, and stories about what it means to teach writing in our digital, interconnected world. It is also a growing community of contributors, readers, and discussants exploring three key areas:

  • What are we learning about the art and craft of digital writing? — Art/Craft
  • What are we learning about the teaching and learning of digital writing? – Teach/Learn
  • What ideas provoke us to think in new ways about education and culture in the digital age? – Provocations

It is an emerging knowledge-base created and curated by its community of members.

What will you find at Digital Is?

Resources: Digital Is contains a large and growing body of entries, called resources, that have been added by its community of educators, Kindergarten through University, inside and outside of school. Resources may document work in classrooms, share student work, point to useful external websites and organizations, or raise provocative questions.

Collections: Collections within the Digital Is website are sets of resources, curated by members of the NWP teacher network, that explore one of the three key areas of Digital Is.

News: News items are posted by the administrators of the Digital Is website to keep up on general Digital Is related events and forum updates.

How can you participate?

Discussions: You are welcome to join the Digital Is community to participate in its many discussions. Members can start or join discussions connected to Collections, Resources and News.

Resource creation: Once you have joined and become familiar with the content and discussions within the site, you may request to be a Resource Creator. This role will allow you to draft and post new resources in Digital Is. It will also give you the ability to ask for and provide feedback on draft resources.

Please see Using this Site for details and participation guidelines.

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