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Know Justice Know Peace

Know Justice Know Peace

Written by Molly Robbins
November 29, 2014

On a bike ride today, yes-an outdoor bike ride in late November in Denver-I saw a sign at a church that said, “Know Jesus Know Peace, No Jesus No Peace.” Because I was tired my mind began to ruminate. I began to roll over this notion in my head and landed on the protester slogan: No Justice No Peace. I started thinking about the homonym presented on the sign, Know Justice Know Peace.

Of course this led me to think about Ferguson and all that is happening there…and then this led me to think about Joe Dillon’s #techquity gathering last week at #NWPAM14 in Washington DC. The questions I’d like to present are these:

  • If students do not have equal access to technology, isn’t this a social justice issue?
  • How do schools curb the digital gap?
  • Can schools curb the digital gap?
  • When students don’t have access to things like Connected Learning, doesn’t this perpetuate the opportunity gaps?
  • How do we use technology to achieve social justice in the classroom?
  • How do we assist students to explore elements of social justice through the use of technology in authentic ways?

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