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Isn't the 21st century already here?

Written by Sheila Cooperman
September 24, 2012

I find myself consistently surprised? irked? awestruck? at the number of educational meetings I attend where the focus of the discussions deal with what we need to do to educate our students for the 21st century as though the 21st isn’t here yet. Newsflash: It has been here for almost 15 years. Where is the disconnect and why are the wheels turning so slowly?  Schools have been steeped in traditional text-based literacy and that has been the dynamic since the days of preparing students for industrial revolution type jobs has existed.  Training students to be workers in an antiquated, linear thinking model is a time that has come and gone. That ship, my friends, has sailed. So how are we going to get our schools on track? We need to get into warp speed now. Schools that are living and breathing the reality of multiliteracies and the importance of embracing this changing architecture of literacy should be the rule, not the exception.  Let’s get going. And it is okay if you tweet this msg.