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Innovation Hour takes hold

Innovation Hour takes hold

Written by Carrie Honaker
July 21, 2015

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Installment two, from September 2014:

This was our first official week incorporating the 20Time Project. I thought the students would enjoy it but I had no idea how much they would dig in and create amazing stuff. I think it helped that each day I showed different takes on projects in the spirit of the 20Time idea. We looked at the Humans of New York blog, Storycorps, a project focusing on homelessness and on and on…I worked with many of the teams today as they set up their blogs and began to post their initial ideas for projects. A couple of students plan to venture into the Vegan lifestyle and document their journey, another pair pledged to read a book a week, post reviews and book trailers to their website and link it to our school library as a resource for students looking for a book and yet another student plans to write 20 minutes everyday in an effort to write his first complete novel.

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