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Idea for Family Literacy Program

Written by Melissa Anderson
December 16, 2020

My family literacy night will be fully remote. I recently met with my instructional coach, who has many years of experience teaching Kindergarten and hosting family literacy nights, and we came up with a wonderful idea for a remote family literacy night.

So far for remote kindergarten, my co-teacher and I have been making bags of materials for students to pick up from the school and use during class time. I plan to use the same method of material distribution during the family literacy program. I would like to select a themed book, then plan the night around the story – such as a read aloud, family craft, STEM challenge, music activity (the music teacher is already interested in joining), and a movement activity.

The event will be conducted over Zoom, which we have been using for class all year, so families will be familiar with the platform – making the event user-friendly.

I hope that the literacy event shows families that reading is enjoyable, and that we can bond as a family through a book! I also hope that families will see literacy as more than just reading the words – we can do so much with a book’s message and theme!

My next step is to choose a time and a book, then I can begin planning the specific activities 🙂