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I Wish My Teacher Knew...

Written by Carina Jaimes
November 18, 2020

Starting the new school year with COVID has been difficult not only for teachers but for students as well. It makes it difficult to interact with families and create a relationship. When a relationship is not formed it makes it harder to understand what the student is going through.

This week I created a morning circle asking students to tell me one thing they would like me to know. I explained to my students it can be about school, home, or friends. We talked about how our circle is a safe space with no judgment and I began by telling my students what I wish my students to know about me. After one by one, each of my students began telling me what they wished I knew about them. At first, students only talked about having a pet or their siblings. Then a student talked about their siblings but this time it was different he talked about how he took care of his siblings while his mother worked two jobs. After other students began to talk about their parents and their responsibilities at home.

It was eye-opening to me to see how many students struggle to juggle their school and home. Especially now with COVID, it’s hard to find ways to connect with families and students. This simple activity allowed students to open up and create a deeper connection with each other.