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I Wish My Teacher Knew...

Written by Madison Upah
December 15, 2020

After reading the article that discusses this simple assignment a teacher did with her class I tried to think of a way I could do this for my students. I teach Kindergarten so the things they wish their teacher knew are mostly things that they like. I didn’t feel it would get as deep as it would for older grades. In my classroom, I hold one-on-one meetings over zoom, the majority of the time they are used for standards-based testing, however, one day I used it to truly get to know my students. It was a very exciting experience for me because I was able to learn things that I wouldn’t have about them had I used that time how I planned. Students told me about their favorite things, their siblings and, what they like most about school. One student opened up more than she ever had and even though she was just telling me about her weekend plans I could tell she was excited to share and since now she continues to share more each time!