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I have a dream...

I have a dream...

Written by Kayley Henderson
December 17, 2020

I have a dream that the students from all 6 diverse elementary schools in my district would come together as one in their junior high and high school experience.

In the central Illinois school district that I teach in, students come from all walks of life. Though fairly close in physical distance to each other, the students’ experiences could not be further from each other. Since the students all join together in one junior high school, many of the educators in that setting comment that the students have a hard time mixing when they get to that phase of life due to their varied experiences.

Through a combined effort from 2 other Panda Fellows in my school district, we would like to create a virtual experience for students across our district to learn about other students’ experiences. Our dream is to see an additional tab on our district’s web page where students can learn about other family’s cultures and experiences through recorded videos. While the logistics are still a bit fuzzy, we are hopeful that our dream will become a reality in 2021.

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