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Engaging a Community in ALL languages

Written by Heather Locke
December 17, 2020

After lots of thinking, listening and needs of my families I think I found it.  I know what it is that I want to do with, hopefully, my entire school community.

As I have taught at my school for 3 years now I have had the same question or response from all my families; “how do I help my kids with writing?”  Thinking about this need, thinking about the students I have and knowing where they come from (as I also have taught kindergarten at the same school) I thought about doing mini videos with creative writing pieces to inspire families to talk and share and learn what it takes to go through the writing process and build content and strengthen our writing ideas.

My initial thought was to create mini videos to help work through the writing process, teach what the process is and how to moves us through writing.  I talked with my writing mentor for the Southern Nevada Writing Project, which I am lucky enough to of also had as a professor in Masters Program.

My goal is to begin talking with my school about the writing project and give the opportunity to other members of my school team to join in the process. From there I want to send out to the entire school community (all our families) a video to introduce myself and the project I am working on to help our families, students and community to gain a stronger understanding to the writing process and how to be creative and engage in their children’s writing throughout their school career and beyond and then invite them to complete a survey and let me know if they would like to participate in the program.

During the program my goal is to provide all the families who join the literacy writing event will receive a writers bag they will use throughout the process as well as a way to send me their writing to share to the school community.  This means that I will create a page on the school website to showcase the writing and the progress and all the different families we have. By showcasing our families writing projects my hope is that the community realizes the importance of writing as well as how similar we are and how we are different but still all working towards common goals: engaging with the schools to continue to support our children’s learning.

As we progress through the the writing event I will have mini 5 minute videos on how-to with a creative writing outlet for the families to work on together and share with me and the school and community that also incorporates the same lesson of a student or another team member teaching the same lesson in other languages to help reach all the families.  The writing will be promoted to be done in the language that the family is comfortable writing and speaking in.   By the end of the project my goal is that families feel more connected to the school and their community as well as more comfortable in engaging in their children academic success.

I am really excited about this project and know that I will continue to expand on this idea and cannot wait to share it with my school and community!