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The Current is an open publishing site of Educator Innovator and provides a forum for the sharing of resources and stories about what we as educators are observing, doing, and reflecting upon related to Connecting Learning and teaching.

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Content Creation at The Current

All members of The Current can post original content; we ask that this content supports the overall purpose of the forum, ie. the sharing of resources and stories about what educators are observing, doing, and reflecting upon related to Connecting Learning and teaching.

We welcome original content as well as invite cross-posts from posts authored by you for other publications and purposes (with appropriate permissions). Please refer to our Terms of Use for details.

The Current supports creative commons licensing to better support creative sharing and distribution of content. We are influenced by the idea of creating community through the establishment of a shared commons of work. Learn more about Creative Commons ›

Advanced Content Creation: Resources and Collections

The Current provides a range of publishing opportunities to its members, including the ability to create multi-section resources and the curation of collections.

  • Multi-section resources are extended posts that allow authors to add additional sections in order to support more complex narratives and resource sharing.
  • Collections are curated by linking together a range of internal and external posts and resources from The Current and beyond that speak to a cross-cutting theme or idea.

We invite all members of the community to submit a request to have access to advanced content creation tools. To do so, be sure you are logged in and visit your profile by clicking on “My Content” in the upper right, then click the request button. Approval is subject to administrative review; upon approval, members can draft and publish as needed.

Sponsorship at The Current

We invite sponsorship of resources and curated collections at The Current. Please email us at to discuss this opportunity.

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