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How Do I Make a Resource? … And other DI news

Written by The Current
November 04, 2011

We’ve updated the resource creation guidelines, because we wanted them to be more accessible. It is one of the many ways you can participate in this website. As a teaching-focused knowledge base exploring the field of digital writing and learning, the aim of the Digital Is website is to ensure a friendly and collegial writing, publishing, and discussion/response space. Therefore we want you to participate and invite you to do so in these ways:

We look forward to your participation. And, of course, let us know if you have questions about this too – we’d love to hear from you!

Digital Is has been in the news recently – have you seen? Christina Cantrill wrote a blog post titled “Exploring Together What it Means to Write Today” for the Philadelphia Public School Notebook that highlights several resources in Digital Is and shows how reading one resource inspired another teacher to create his own and how themes cut across different resources. The post and a note about the Philadelphia Writing Project’s 25th Anniversary was then picked up by the Spotlight Blog on Digital Media and Learning blog in October.

We are always grateful when people take time to recognize the fine work happening on Digital Is. Feel free to share highlights from the site in your local communities and post about it here in Digital Is too.

And finally, many wonderful inspiring resources have been posted over the last couple of weeks. We encourage you to dive in and sharing your thoughts and feedback!