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Highlighting this week's TTT

Written by The Current
May 23, 2012


We know that the Digital Is community is always interested in TTT, but we wanted to highlight the two upcoming episodes in particular.  First, this week, it is your chance to hear from the inside of the Innovation Lab in Loveland, Colorado. Fresh from presenting at TEDx Frontrange, two (or three) students will join Teachers Teaching Teachers to talk about their work alongside Monika Hardy in the Innovation Lab in Loveland, Colorado. They have been experimenting with what happens when you set an individual free, in spaces of permission, with nothing to prove. They are are hoping/planning to experiment next year to see what happens when you set a city free, in spaces of trust, creating gatherings that matter. See more as a quiet revolution unfolds:
Then, get ready for the May 30 episode of TTT where we celebrate the 300th episode of TTT!  Wow! Join the party. 

Paul Allison, Monika Hardy, and Chris Sloan

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