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HAVE FUN and WRITE! Community together coming soon!

Written by Heather Locke
April 03, 2021

I started this year with a plan. A plan to bring families within my community together through a love and passion in writing. To build a passion and love for writing for my community, but many changes occurred, and still occur. As I begin to send out to invite my families to an amazing event my district, my school, they mass messaged a NEW plan. We were returning to school  Hybrid. Families are filling out the surveys, calling the school, contacting teachers and the last thing they are thinking about is a school event.  Then it changes again, now we are preparing for our school to become full time in person starting in April. So again, questions, concerns, school mandates on how this will be, changing of rosters, kids changing teachers. Still not a priority for our families.

Now it is time. Now we have our plan. Students have their teachers, parents know what is coming. Now is the time to bring us together. I made a change in my plan. At first it was a plan to bring everyone together 1-2 times a month for a couple of months, conversations, sharing, writing, smiling.  Now, with all the change, I have a new FABULOUS plan.

The first week we are back in person my grade level and a third grade teacher at my school who partnered up with me, will send out flyers to all students in person. We will present out flyers virtually for those teachers in the grades who are remaining virtual for the rest of the school year.

These flyers will invite the families to what the event is, when it is and how exciting it will be for them and their families. I created a google classroom for the event, our community of writers will be able to comment, ask questions, send their writing, share their writing and of course, easily access our Google Meet for the events, as this will continue to be virtual.

We will GET TO KNOW each other in a fun and exciting share and write introduction. Then we will get to know our community with a fun poem they will do with  their families over the next week. We will come back and share our poems then share about all the fun times we have had with our families, fun places we go, silly things that happen, that time when that family member did something and made us all laugh. That will then turn into an awesome writing piece that the families will do with their families. The final event AUTHORS SHARE. An opportunity for our families to share their stories.  I will then compile all our writing and create the FIRST EDITION HAVE FUN AND WRITE community book to be posted in our front office, the library and virtually on our website. A way to bring us together even when we feel so far apart, a way for us to connect to others who we might not otherwise get a chance to meet, a way for all of us to feel a part of the school regardless of language, confidence in writing or confidence in sharing. This is us and I can’ wait to create the first edition community book!  HAVE FUN AND WRITE!