Happy Connected Educator Month!

As you probably know, October is Connected Educator Month (CEM). This is a month full of activities to establish or strengthen our online connections with others. Many of us have found that being “connected” has deepened our teaching and learning practices and made them more rewarding, and that’s what this month is all about.

If you are new to CEM, a great way to get involved is to sign up for the CEM newsletter or to check out the calendar of events.

Over at iAnthology, we are doing a “Make with Me” around new ways to introduce or present ourselves, and we’d love to have you join us in that. Getting to know each other and forming meaningful relationships is one aspect of being “connected.”

In addition, I’ve been thinking about how much openness and sharing is a part of being connected. In CLMOOC this year, we encouraged this in part through our Make Bank, which is a collection of “makes” that people can add to, remix, or share examples or tutorials. Our hope is that was people will use this throughout the year.

So, to celebrate (CEM), we’ll be tweeting out a “make-a-day” to give more visibility to all the great work everyone’s done in the Make Bank. These will be tweeted out through @kfasimpaur and @clmooc so watch out for those.

I hope you all have a wonderful CEM and make some new connections! And if you know a teacher or administrator who isn’t so “connected,” reach out and show them some of the personal and professional benefits of being connected.