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Hacking Our Writing

Hacking Our Writing

Written by Deanna Mascle
August 03, 2014

The Making Learning Connected experience has been good for me on many levels. I am struggling to find myself after a year that devastated me professionally and the #CLMOOC has challenged me, energized me, and inspired me – and we’re not even done yet! This week we were challenged to hack our writing. As I contemplated this challenge I realized that I have been forcing my students to hack their writing for a long time. One of my favorite tools to hack writing is the six word story (see Inspiring Writing, Learning in Six Words) although I do love micropoetry and flash fiction and simply Tweeting for similar reasons. When there are no words or characters to waste then you must weigh each word – sometimes each character – carefully. This sort of wordsmithery is fun and addicting, but also important work for writers. I can spill words effortlessly, but careful crafting is something else. Yet, I have found, on the opposite end of the spectrum writers who struggle to put words on a page are less frightened of the six word challenge.

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