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Gardner's Multiple Intelligences: Interpersonal Learner

Gardner's Multiple Intelligences: Interpersonal Learner

Written by Dana Griffo
November 13, 2021

Hello readers,

I recently had an anonymous question submitted. An educator was curious on how to help their interpersonal learners succeed. When people first think of interpersonal, they often think all they need to do is talk to their peers and they will be A-OK. Although that could be beneficial, interpersonal intelligence is more than that. To start off, interpersonal learners have a lot of empathy and can relate to others.

Because interpersonal learners experience empathy, they can take on others’ emotions, leading them to experience similar emotions intensely. It is good to give your learner space to tend to these emotions, and become comfortable with them. That is while social-emotional learning is so important to students. During this time, learners become more familiar with emotions.

During this time, learners are also building community and relationships with each other, which helps interpersonal learners thrive. This time can be very validating for the interpersonal learner. As you can see, the interpersonal learner does not always have to be around people to learn best. It is more so about relating to others that is beneficial. They also thrive on receiving and giving feedback! Make sure you let your interpersonal learner know how they can improve on something or give them that positive praise. Even let them be a mentor for another student!