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From Expression to Impact: Youth Civic Engagement Enacted

Written by Jordan Lusink
July 24, 2013

During the month of July, the National Writing Project hosted a four-webinar series on

The series, Writers at Work: Making and Connected Learning, continued with our fourth and final webinar yesterday, with some great sharing and insight from our guests and a lively conversation in the chat. This webinar was hosted by Antero Garcia of the Colorado State University Writing Project. Antero was joined by Cindy O’Donnell-Allen, also of the Colorado State University Writing Project; Ellen Middaugh of the Civic Engagement Research Group at Mills College; Jo Paraiso of the Oakland Unified School District; and Nicole Mirra of the UCLA Writing Project.

Above is the archived video from the webinar. You can see this video, as well as an archive with resources here.

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