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Feedback Loops & Writing Workshop

Feedback Loops & Writing Workshop

Written by Deanna Mascle
April 22, 2013

As I noted last week (Why Writing Studio?), I am devotee of writing workshop and a tremendous fan of Peter Elbow, but then as a National Writing Project teacher this is programmed into my pedagogy. I recently read an article in Wired magazine,Harnessing the Power of Feedback Loops, which really resonated with me and validated (for me) recent moves I have made in my classroom.

Thomas Goetz (the author of the Wired article) describes the feedback loop as a “profoundly effective tool for changing behavior.” As any writing teacher knows, especially at the secondary and post-secondary levels, we need all the behavior-changing tools we can get. Our students come in with a mixed bag of tools in their writing kits and it seems much of our time is spent teaching them to organize, use, or toss these tools before there is room to add more.

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