Examples of Connected Learning Activities

DumbledoreI’ve been talking about connected learning for several weeks now, trying to define the model and think about how it might work in the college classroom. This week, I shared three specific activities that demonstrate what goes on in a Connected Learning project:

  • The Harry Potter Alliance
  • Virtual Community/Social Media Class
  • YOUmedia at the Chicago Public Library

All these examples focus on a text as the starting point. It’s a flexible model that I suspect many of us already use in some way. What sets this model apart is students’ freedom to choose to participate. The critical question for a composition teacher is how to support the freedom of the models within the constraints of the typical college classroom. I like these example activities and the enthusiasm for learning that they inspire, so I’m eager to keep exploring connected learning to find ways to meld interests and choices with the realities of the college composition classroom. The question is…. How?

You can read the details on all of them on my post on the Bedford Bits site.


[Photo: Dumbledore by yensid1998, on Flickr]