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Electricity and a Screen Does Not a Literacy Make

Written by Anna Smith
January 16, 2013

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Here is my webcomic in response to Kevin’s challenge to make a webcomic addressing digital writing’s “naysers” using Dan’s Awesome Ragemaker Comic. Below I have written a bit of reflection on this process. 

Reflection on my Writing Process:

To create this webcomic, I did what I always do when I hear about new Apps, websites, platforms: I went to the link and I started to play. That’s right. I didn’t look around on the site. I didn’t read directions. I didn’t prewrite. I assumed some basics of Internet functionality. I clicked on the first character image I saw and dragged it over to what I assumed was a comic panel. When I went to type in words, I just clicked on what seemed to be the closest thing to words and then I noticed something that looked like a globe. I had no idea what it did. I imagined it might have something to do with “world wide web” or the Rage Comics community. So, guess what I did. Yep. I clicked on it. And so it went through the whole creation of this webcomic. I just poked around and tried things. And then I was done.

Every semester I purposely involve technology in nearly everything we do for two reasons:

  1. Technology is involved in nearly everything we do.
  2. As educators we need to reflect the world as is, not as was.

I can’t tell you how many emails and tweets and office hour visits I get with grad students frustrated to the core with not knowing how to make technology function for themselves. These are 20somethings who are of the age many assume are “digital natives.” And though I know the impact of a little background knowledge can do and so I patiently walk them through some basics, I know the real difference it would make if they’d just let loose and play. I want to learn how to better impart this playful orientation to my grad students. 

I’ve thought about this before in a post about play as sanctioned and unsanctioned for adults. I’d love to hear your comments there as well!

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