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Educational Gaming

Educational Gaming

Written by Tammie Schrader
September 06, 2014

Video Games?  Really?  For Educational Use?   ABSOLUTELY!

I’ve been implementing video games in my 7th grade science classrooms for the past 7 years.  I have loved the impact these games have on my students.  I am able to manipulate planets, raise many generations of plants and alter them genetically, and still have time to get kids into spacecrafts and manipulate their way through cells.

Video games have been a great educational tool when I do not have the time, resources, money, or space to make models that work.  The gaming industry has helped me do this with educational video games made specifically for science education.

Right now, I am the Whtie House Game Jam working with game developers from around the country who have been given the task of making an educational video game in 48 hours!!  No easy task.  Watching these developers work together in their own creative way has been nothing short of amazing.  I love the professionalism and connectedness they create around building something really amazing to help students learn.

Go Gamers!

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