Ten Take-Aways from my SI Research:

  1. It is one of the most popular Web 2.0 tools in use today, with 18 million registered users. (March 2013)

  2. Currently it hosts more than 400 3rd Party educational apps; including Khan Academy, Google Docs, and Blogster.

  3. Edmodo is accessible on most devices (Android, iPhone, i.e.).

  4. Edmodo connects teachers and students in a cyber-safe place.

  5. There are 12 Edmodo-created areas focused on content areas, professional development, and college readiness.

  6. Two school computer techs started Edmodo to make classrooms mirror the real world by connecting Web 2.0 to classrooms.

  7. Some people describe Edmodo as the classroom version of Facebook but it is more than just a social networking site.  It is a learning tool.

  8. No empirical data supporting the benefits of using Edmodo as a learning tool but current reports argue the student benefits of using Edmodo as a learning tool.

  9. I will encourage we use Edmodo as a learning tool in my school

  10. It’s FREE!

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