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#DLDay Reflection Opportunity: #Literacies Chat on In School, Out of School and Online Literacies

#DLDay Reflection Opportunity: #Literacies Chat on In School, Out of School and Online Literacies

Written by Anna Smith
February 06, 2013

Was participating in Digital Learning Day an overwhelming experience for you, too? When I looked at the #DLDay hashtag on Twitter, it felt like I was looking into a fire hose on full blast! Well, we have an opportunity for you to pause, reflect on, and extend your #DLDay conversations.

On the 1st and 3rd Thursdays each month from 8-9 PM you can find the #literacies chat happening on Twitter. You can find more about the chat here.

This week, tomorrow, February 7th, the day after Digital Learning Day, we will be continuing a conversation we began during our last #literacies chat session on the ways literacies extend and are at times constrained to school, nonschool and online spaces.

In our last chat, we began addressing these questions:

  • What might a “continuum” approach to in/out-of-school allow us to see in youth’s literacy practices?
  • What other new metaphors, i.e. forests and trees, would help us break down the binary?
  • How could we make use of the idea of literacies ecologies in our educational institutions? How would that differ, if at all, from whole-child or holistic approaches?
  • What role does privacy and personal literacies activity play into the equation?

Serendipitously, the DML Research Hub released the first report on their Connected Learning efforts that same week. We started our conversation engaging with media from their resources, and we found that this deserved another week’s discussion at least!

Please join us! Just search for #literacies in Twitter at 8PM EST and soon you will see our tweets. More instructions on how to join in here. Lurk or join in…preference on joining in, of course…

Here’s a link to the questions and conversations we wanted to continue tomorrow. Here’s a link to media on Connected Learning that you may be interested in perusing.

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