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Ditching Toxic Relationships

Ditching Toxic Relationships

Written by Deanna Mascle
February 23, 2015

My To-Do list is out of control and if that is not pressure enough then there is the struggle with the parts of my job/life that I love and the rest of it. Much of my week is ruled by Stephen Covey’s “Urgent/Important matrix” or Natalie Houston’s “Prioritize your Activities by Gain and Pain” (with a heavy focus on avoiding pain). You know the type of activity: putting out the fire before it burns down the entire forest or at least plowing a firebreak to keep it contained. But I also believe quite passionately that I need to reserve time each week to feed my soul and renew my passion for my work. I love teaching, but it is hard work. I love directing a National Writing Project site, but it can also be grueling. I’ve written many times that that teachers must put their own oxygen mask on first or everyone will suffer, but it is getting hard to practice what I preach when it comes to the demands of my professional and personal life. I think the problem is the number of toxic relationships I have allowed to flourish in my life.

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