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DIGITAL Education

Written by Jan Doyle
January 17, 2012

Between the Lines…Oh Golly

    Digital is…. that’s why one blogs. To blog successfully, one has to read between the lines. What do people (my potential blog readers) want to know, and what can I tell them? How can student learn to discern the difference between chatting and BLOGGING? NPR did a great piece on Saturday, January 14,2012 about mental obesity.  Our fast food diets were compared to our digital media diet, some of what we consume over the internet is simply clogging our minds. Just as we grave sweets and sugars and fats, our minds grave ideas that confirm our beliefs rather more than we grave new and challenging ideas. BLOGGING is a new an challenging idea for me. But just as I challenge myself and my students to have healthy eating habits; I to celebrate digital learning day, but challenging my students to create a list of rules for digital citizenship. My school currently blocks all social networks from school sites; my students want access to social sites at school,  so the question is how would they govern themselves as digital citizens at school? How would use of social sites improve their learning?  I sure I will learn from them, and then maybe I will become an “expert” in something that I can blog on. Currently I don’t see a place for Ocarina enthusiasts!