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Did you ever think it might be the assignment?

Did you ever think it might be the assignment?

Written by Deanna Mascle
December 31, 2013

Recently a joke has been working its way around the internet: If Everyone Still Wrote Like They Did in College. It is funny because it is so very true. College students, high school students, and middle school students do indeed write this way, but perhaps the more important question is why? Perhaps because they have been told to write that way! All too often in today’s schools students are given ridiculous assignments and a formula. This week I overheard a student talking about her assignment to write a review of a cruise ship. I’m not sure what class the assignment was for, but I can be sure both student and instructor will not find anything interesting or inspirational about that piece of writing. At the age of 12 my son has written his fair share of ridiculous pieces already and he has the formula down pat. I can’t tell you how sad this makes me.

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