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Desired Outcome of Programming

Written by Asia Watt
December 16, 2020

Hi there!

I hope that everyone is doing well and that you all are continuing to stay warm and safe. After being able to meet with other fellows from my area (and luckily we teach in the same District) , we brainstormed a pretty awesome  program to be implemented first within our school buildings and then *potentially*  implemented District wide.

If the program is able to be implemented District wide we hope that it will continue well beyond our time in the District. We hope to do something similar to projects we heard about from the panel, that capture the stories and voices of individuals within our community. We are thinking about creating a site, with prompts embedded that allow community/school members to respond. We are hoping to give voice to individuals that feel voiceless.

There is still much thought that needs to go into this, but we are very excited about the potential this program has!

See you all soon,