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Design Your Own Learning: Final Products

Design Your Own Learning: Final Products

Written by Joshua Block
June 06, 2016

For three months in the fall my 12th grade students designed their own learning. Each plan culminated with a project. In the fall I wrote about the fear I felt when I began to step back. There is a lot I learned from this process (and I plan to write more about it in the future.)

Designing learning in this way meant students were able to pursue topics they felt passionate about and many did so by embarking on complex projects. The result is a collection of products that go beyond traditional ideas of school work and instead speak to the abilities of young people to create work that has meaning in the world.

But, you shouldn’t trust me. Go and judge for yourself!

Radio pieces made in collaboration with Jeanette Woods at WHYY:  

Amanda’s piece on Bullying

Anna, Aaron, Josh, Stephanie, and Veronica’s piece on Gentrification

Huzaifah’s piece Understand Who You Are, Where You Came From, and Where You Fit

Ava’s piece on Sexualization of Women in the Media

Jada’s piece on Hip Hop’s Influence

Brandon, Javier, Will, and Wilson on Controversial Topics in the Classroom

Tenzin, Tamira, and Tiarra’s piece on Do You Know What You’re Eating?

Hannah and Zoe’s piece, What is the Benefit of Standardized Testing?

Alejandro, Kevin, and Jesse on The Addiction of Sports

Myrna and Hikma on The Life of Immigrants

Claudia’s piece on A Jeweler and the Internet

Alex, Des, and Raz’s piece on Gender Identity

Other work:

Joie, Imani, and Sydne’s Colorism Project Site

Lauren’s Short Story Project