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Creating Community. Building Relationships. 

Written by Hannah Hoogeveen
December 17, 2020

My goal for this program is to create community and build relationships among the students, families, and teachers in my community. Although virtual learning has been a challenge for our students and community members, our school has focused on continuing to build relationships with our students and their families. We have created a virtual photo album for all the things we are thankful for in the month of November. We hosted a virtual talent show, where teachers got to present their talent to the community. Students will get the opportunity to present their talents at our spring talent show. We are currently working on a virtual community recipe book. 

During our virtual zoom talent show, students were so excited to see their peers from other classes and grades. I want the literacy night to be a time for students to connect with each other through literacy. 

While I haven’t landed on one main idea for literacy night, I have brainstormed some ideas. I absolutely love Haikus and creating Haikus with my students. My first idea is to have students and their families create their own Haiku with a drawing or painting that matches. One challenge that I may face doing this is that the majority of our students and families are English Language learners and may need more support with recognizing and counting syllables. The second idea that I have is to create a story and use puppets to tell the story. The second idea could be challenging because of time constraints.