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COVID-19 Time Capsule

COVID-19 Time Capsule

Written by Eileen Valverde
November 23, 2020

A quick Google Search illustrates impacts of COVID-19 that go beyond physical health impacts. Feelings of isolation, depression, anxiety, and other emotional stresses have been known to raise the risk of suicide. This is a harrowing thought. CCSD – Clark County School District – has reported four suicides amongst young students. One of them as young as nine-year-old.

In an effort to open dialogue for students experiencing this pandemic first-hand, I have the intention of carrying-out a COVID-19 time capsule program. This program would entail weekly activities and weekly sessions for students and their families for four weeks. Activities would include painting, oral storytelling, writing, and interviews to capture the emotions and circumstances of COVID-19. The intention would be to capture how students and families have adjusted to their circumstances.

This program would be intentional in ensuring students have an outlet. To discuss the transition to a distance learning environment. To discuss what it means to lose recess and social time with friends. To discuss what it feels like to lose the affection a teacher can consistently provide on a daily basis.

I miss my students dearly. I want to make sure they’re okay.