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Connecting People, Ideas and Resources: Find Five Fridays (#F5F)

Connecting People, Ideas and Resources: Find Five Fridays (#F5F)

Written by Anna Smith
July 03, 2014

It wasn’t seven days in to our inaugural Making Learning Connected MOOC (#clmooc) that I found myself nearly overwhelmed by the number of great ideas and resources that I had already gained access to by participating in the collaborative MOOC. Wanting to get a grip on my learning, and even more importantly, wanting to give credit to the projects, makes, and resources that had motivated that learning, I decided to go back through the posts and tweets from that week and find at least five that I could engage in a post of my own. And in this way, Find Five Friday was born.

We all learn throughout the day, in the contexts distinctly designed for learning and in our informal spaces, too. We also learn with and from many people–young and old, those designated as teachers or mentors and those we don’t even know. For me, Find Five Fridays have become a way for me to realize the learning that is made through connections with others. For these reasons, I continue to #F5F outside of the CLMOOC, and can see it could be offered as an activity for learners in many contexts as a way to make learning pathways visible.

Borrowing from the Twitter trend of posting the handles of people who you think others should follow on Twitter along with the hashtag #FF, Find Five Friday or #F5F is simply a make, blog post, or a series of five interactions that further connection with others in your learning network who are inspiring your makes, helpful in providing resources, or otherwise pushing your thinking.

Below, I’ve attached several examples of #F5Fs that emerged in the first year of the CLMOOC to show the range of ways we learned through connecting. (There were, of course, several other tweets and posts that connected folks to each other that I could have listed below. This just shows a range of possible ways the F5F could be approached.)

Find Five to Build Community, by Traci Gardner

Favorite #F5Fs, by Sheri Edwards (and the community)

A Music Playlist, by Terry Elliott

Mapping My Find Five Friday, by Joe Dillon

A #F5F Thimble, by Chad Sansing

Five Questions on Friday for the Making Learning Connected MOOC, by Kevin Hodgson

Find Five Fridays have also continued into the second year of #clmooc. The prompts can be found here, and people’s posts in G+ can be found here, and on Twitter here.

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