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Community members Bud Hunt, Troy Hicks, and Sara Kajder invite Reports from Cyberspace

Written by Elyse Eidman-Aadahl
November 11, 2010

As many members of the Digital Is community prepare to go to the National Writing Project and National Council of Teachers of English conferences in Orlando, Florida next week, we thought we’d pass along an invitation to contribute to a session led by Bud, Troy and Sara. Here’s how they frame the invitation on their blogs:

A conference session is a waypoint, a time and place to check in on where we’ve
been, but more important, where we’re going.  So before we get to that
waypoint, let’s take a moment to share our own reports from cyberspace as a way
of starting this conversation.  Here is an open Google doc where we’ve left space for you to jot some thoughts as we move into our time together.  If you can join us for the session at NCTE, great.  But if not, and you’d still like to report or check in, feel free
to do so.

Here are some prompts that will take us into our session.  Help yourself to
whichever one(s) will be the most useful in your thinking and reporting:

What’s the state of your educational cyberspace at this moment
in November 2010? What’s good?  What’s scary?  What’s working?
 What’s not? What needs doing?  Fixing?  Raising up? Where are you focusing your attention?

Where are we going with all of this Internet stuff?  What’s new?  What’s good?

Finally, what do you hope to leave our session with? What’s next?  So what?

Why not take a look at what others have posted and perhaps add your own ‘report from  cyberspace.’