Teach Digital Writing: Five Paradigm Shifts for K-12 Education

Curated by Troy Hicks
October 22, 2011

Inspired by my experience delivering an “un-keynote” at the WIDE-EMU Un-conference in October, 2011, this collection holds examples of teachers and students doing work in schools that push against the current paradigms that guide our thinking about “technology integration” and the proper role of the internet, machines, and people in that process.

I argue that we need to make five paradigm shifts that will move us from “integrating technology” to “teaching digital writing”:

  • From “acceptable” use to “authentic” and “fair” use
  • From “banning” mobile devices to “bringing” them
  • From “content management” to “content creation and curation”
  • From the “technologies of writing” to the “technologies for writing”
  • From the product (as enhanced by technology) to the process (of digital writing)

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