Learning through Play & Design: Personal Stories of Connected Learning

Curated by Connected Learning Alliance
April 29, 2016

This collection of six personal stories documents the different ways that educators are utilizing aspects of both design and play in their curriculums. Their hands on approach to learning allows students to physically manifest their ideas by constructing, designing, and executing a plan to create something new either on their own or as a collaboration.

These personal stories examine teachers who strive for their students to understand the value of transforming abstract ideas into concrete objects all while maintaining an air of playfulness and creativity. Personal stories spotlight a range of different approaches to this learn through play strategy from educators leading furniture design workshops for kids about the intersection of art and science to facilitators of Makerspaces where failure and the debugging or tinkering required to overcome initial failure is the first step towards true learning. Each personal story delves into the creative ways that connected learning educators are utilizing play as a mechanism for growth.

What's Inside