Digital Is...what exactly?

Curated by Elyse Eidman-Aadahl
November 13, 2010

Here at the Digital Is website, we aim to collect and create resources, stories and reflections on what it means to write, teach, and learn today. We invite thoughtful educators from schools, universities, libraries, museums, and youth-serving institutions to join us in this effort. For all of us, this is a moment when new digital tools and Internet environments have given writers/learners a rich set of new opportunities to compose, create, and publish. As these new tools take their place alongside our beloved older tools—our pencils, our journals, our print publications—the National Writing Project seeks to host a place for educators and writers to stop and reflect on what it all might mean for our work as educators. Please join us.

But what, exactly, are we looking for? As we designed the Digital Is website, we were well aware that colleagues around the world have created an extensive and impressive set of how-to resources and guides for getting started with digital writing. And, there are many great educators who are now publishing about their teaching to wide publics through blogs and social media. Our aim is not to recreate what has done so ably elsewhere—though we welcome posts and curated sets that point readers to the best of it. Instead, we hope to contribute to the larger effort by supporting the Digital Is community in publishing resources that grow out of our inquiries into teaching and learning, our nagging questions, our happy surprises, and our current enthusiasms. We are always welcoming new resources that fit the site’s interests.

But what does that mean? In this collection we point to a few resource entries on the site in order to capture elements of the Digital Is state of mind. Do these resonate with you? If so, join our community and explore how you might also contribute to Digital Is. You can always post resources through the blogging tool that comes with joining the community. If you would like to be a resource creator, learn more about this process here.

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