Designing for Creative and Connected Learning

The LRNG Innovator Challenge

Curated by Christina Cantrill
November 09, 2020

What happens when youth people have opportunities to follow their interests with the support of peers and mentors who give them the time and space to create work that is meaningful to them?

This is the question we have been exploring via LRNG Innovators since 2014. And now, six years and 45 grants later, LRNG Innovator Challenge grants have surfaced and supported powerful designs for learning across the country which have engaged hundreds of educators and thousands of youth and have a high potential for spreadability in different contexts.

The LRNG Innovators Challenge grants have called for educators to identify barriers they face in the classroom and to design, test, and share solutions that build the future of learning. These challenges have focused on designing for creative and Connected Learning within and outside of schools, leading to expanded opportunities and pathways for youth that connect their schools and communities.

All together, the projects shared here in this collection present a range of approaches to these specific challenges and show the possibilities when we design for more creative and connected learning for youth. We invite you to explore these stories written by educators, to find inspiration and questions, as well as tap into a range of curricular design and resource materials to support this work in your context. We’d also love to hear from you; share comments with us here or connect with online at #nwp #redesignLRNG

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