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Changes in the air here at NWP Digital Is

Changes in the air here at NWP Digital Is

Written by Christina Cantrill
March 01, 2013

If you are already a member of the NWP Digital Is community, you know that we are looking to migrate this site to Drupal 7 (Drupal is the underlying content management system) while also make improvements to the website at the same time. Thank you to everyone who contributed their feedback and ideas … these will all be part of the mix. And throughout this process we will continue to give updates and ask for feedback along the way.

In a recent survey we sent out about Digital Is we asked you for “one-word” you would use to describe this website and community. Here is sampling of what we received.

  • potential
  • crucial
  • bountiful
  • there
  • cutting-edge
  • terrific
  • superawesomekeen
  • growing
  • conversation
  • unknow until now
  • content-rich
  • best Practices
  • introspective
  • rich content
  • emerging
  • growing

Our goal at NWP Digital Is is to make the website increasingly “writeable,” open and participatory. And to that end, I have included two videos here that walk you through some of the immediate changes we are imagining making in this migration and design/navigation update.

We welcome continued contributions in this process and welcome comments and discussions about these changes.

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